How to Help

We thank you for your interest in the Sunantha Camila Foundation. Every dollar you contributes goes directly to helping children in need. The organizers of the foundation receive no salary support and all overhead is paid for currently by the founders. Any gift you make will go toward sustaining education, clothing, and nutrition for these young children as well as provide future benefits for children in the coming years.

We welcome you to give an annual donation to help provide scholarships to our children. These scholarships will go toward provide food and schooling on a yearly basis.

Please join us in sustained giving at the highest level. For those not familiar with endowments and how they work, think of an endowment as a savings account which can never be touched. Only the annual interest from the fund, or in some cases only a portion of the annual interest, can be used. That permanent savings account can ease the financial burden during tough times and help an organization flourish during more prosperous times. An endowment gift will allow you to support children every year without making any additional donations.